Our menu



· Salmorejo (traditional purée consisting of tomatoes, bread, oil and garlic)
· Leek pudding
· Vegetable cake with light mayonnaise
· Ham and chicken bechamel filled puff pastry
· Zucchini chips
· Artichoke crunchy with roasted bacon
· Aubergine tempura
· Squid in its ink
· Marinated salmon with tartare sauce
· Beans with serrano ham
· Empanadillas criollas (minced meat stuffing pastry)
· Cheese , black pudding or tuna small pastries
· Home made ham and chicken croquettes
· Creole sausage with allumette potatoes and chimichurri sauce



· Spinach, Parmesan cheese and raisins
· Fresh sprouts, quince jelly, goat cheese, apple and nuts vinaigrette
· Bonito, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado



· Lamb with pine nuts and ñora sauce
· Eisbein with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
· Cheek of pork glazed with blueberry
· Oxtail stew
· Entrecôte steak
· Roast duck confit with apple and quince
· Breaded chicken with mustard and allumette potatoes



· Cod bites with caramelised onion
· Gilt-head bream fillets with vegetables
· Turbot fillet with roasted vegetables
· Fried mullet with tomatoes and peppers
· Grilled salmon with light soy sauce and lemon
· ‘Aglio e olio’ spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and prawns


Arroces (Paella) to be booked in advance, minimum 2 people

· Rabbit & snails
· Vegetables
· Pork ribs & vegetables
· Free-range chicken & vegetables
· Black rice with cuttlefish and cauliflower
· Rise a banda (in fish broth)



· Camembert
· La Mancha cheese
· Two choices



· Orange chocolate
· Rice pudding
· Chocolate custard
· Egg custard
· Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
· Coffee crème caramel
· Coconut Flan
· Greek yogurt mousse & fruits of the forest chutney
· Fudge chocolate cake
· Fresh seasonal fruit

= Suitable for vegetarians
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of allergies, we adapt our ingredients when booking in advance

Our range of wines mainly includes prestigious products from the Murcia region such as Jumilla and Yecla.
The house wine is produced in La Purísma local cooperative. Other Spanish wines such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero and the Argentinian Malbec complete the selection.

Set menus also available for groups of people.

Our daily specials consist of a first course and a main course (home-made casseroles such as Murcian cocido, olla de cerdo, marmitako, beef stew, artichoke and pork ribs, etc.) Drinks, dessert and coffee included.
Price: 14 Euro.

Contact us or visit our Facebook page to check today’s menu. (Information available only in Spanish)